Sunday, September 6, 2009


Does it seem like the only time I post cards I make is in prep for my SAS? Now that I think about it that's true. I have a hard time finding time to stamp for fun. I just have too much stuff that doesn't have a home which makes me anxious and constantly trying to organize which just eats up my creative time. One day while surfing the net (I know, I could have been stamping) I came across this wonderful website Simply 101. The creator is Aby Garvey. I'd heard her speak at a CK Convention a few years ago and even purchased her book which I can't find! See, I'm totally disorganized!! She offers on-line workshops so I took one entitled "Help! I don't know where to Begin." It has changed my life. I have a LONG way to go but I now know that disorganization can make you very unhappy and frustrated in your life. I spend more time looking for something than doing all the time.

During the one week course, we were to commit to 15 minutes per day to declutter an area. You could do 30 minutes but the idea is not to get overwhelmed. My first 15 minutes I tackled my food cupboard. I figured it would be easy to decide what to toss -- if it's expired out it goes! Well, here is my before and after pictures.



I took out 3 garbage bags of expired food which included food I put in an "overflow" closet. Most of the overflow was expired but I now had room to put everything into the main cupboard. My husband was so proud of me. I was pretty proud too.

The remainder of the week I took 15 minutes each day to organize my Tupperware cupboard and glasses/coffee mugs cupboard. I actually had 40 coffee mugs which I've slimmed down to 20. I do collect coffee mugs so I figure keeping 20 was good. Just these few places I've organized has made me feel better -- not as stressed. If you have clutter in your life too, I suggest you check out Aby's website, read her blog and take an on-line course. She has organizational tips for scrapbooking supplies which is what I really need to work on -- but I'm taking baby steps! I'll get there.

Have a great week.

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stampinstars said...

Isn't it interesting how we just hold on to "stuff" even though it's bogging us down & making us cranky? I can totally relate your problem! Have you ever heard of The FLY Lady? I think you would really like Happy Decluttering!! Erin over at

PS...Check out, too.