Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye October ... Hello November

It's hard to believe it is November already. Where did this year go?

I had a VERY busy Halloween weekend. I wanted to get pumpkin pictures up on October 31 with a blog title of HAPPY HALLOWEEN ... but I never even carved my pumpkins until Sunday afternoon! I say busy weekend because the town I live in usually has trick or treating two nights so I had one set of grand kids over on Saturday and another set on Sunday.

Here is the Saturday night crew (Cowardly Lion (Mylah 14 mons), Dorothy (Grace, almost 4), the Princess from Princess and the Frog (Amber, 4), Tinker Bell (Guinevere, 5) and the only boy, Superman (Ben, almost 3, being held by his Mom, Lauren, our daughter).

Sunday night Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion were still with us along with a Black Cat (Shannon, holding the Cowardly Lion), Leah and John (our children), a Fairy Princess (Ella, almost 5) and a Race Car Driver (a.k.a trash man -- Bubby, almost 4). We all had a fun time.

Each evening I made dinner for all kids and adults. Of course, I can't just throw hot dogs and chips on the table -- no -- I have to make special "Mummy Dogs" for the kids, a cauldron of Chili for the adults, "Bloody Worm Sandwiches" and lastly "Spider Bread" to go with the chili.

After all that the grand kids insisted that Grammy go with them trick or treating while Grampy stayed home and handed out candy. Needless to say after two nights of walking the neighborhood and cooking for a houseful, I'M TIRED!

Doesn't that look like an easy job?

Well, check out the pumpkins I carved with my little granddaughter, Grace. She didn't help much but her Dad did. This was my first "white" pumpkin (there's also a black/gray pumpkin underneath him) and I just love him -- don't you?

While I was out trick or treating, here is what my little "Lukey" was doing. The picture isn't that great and he looks like he is possessed but after all it is Halloween, LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


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