Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some of my favorite things

Spending time with my beautiful grandchildren. I never imagined how special being a grandparent would be. They keep me young -- from the babies and toddlers to the teens.

Meet Grace (21 mons.) and Michael ("Bubby")(22 mons.)

These beautiful children are from my husband's kids. Michael & Ella are brother and sister. Guin, Amber, Ben & Alyssa are siblings. Grace as of right now is an only child. We really had a baby boom begining in 2005!

Meet Guinevere (3 1/2 yrs.) & Amber (2 1/2 yrs.)

The best part of all is the time they spend with Grammy & Grampy -- especially one-on-one. But you can also imagine how much fun family gatherings are now. We get lots of little hugs & kisses!

Meet Gabriella ("Ella")(almost 3 yrs.) & Ben (10 mons.)

Alyssa is a good big sister to Guin, Amber & Ben. They love to play with her.

These are just some of the blessings God has given me. I love them all.

As you can see, I also love to take pictures of all of them which gives me plenty to scrapbook!!

Meet Alyssa (9 yrs)

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Robsmom said...

Linda - they are adorable